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My Dosa Place - London

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849 Wellington Road, London, ON, Canada

Unit:Unit A2

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About Us

We don’t want to brag too much about us!

Come on over to one of our locations or pick up your phone and try our product! We are confident you will love it!

Having said that though, let us tell our story a little bit.

We are all peeps related to the food and beverage industry and are deep rooted in it. Our idea of a Roti joint came about due to Toronto’s love for the product. But what we noticed was appreciation and demand for a product that was somewhat mediocre! Now, no offense to other joints serving Roti but we dare to say that our product is fresher, superior and gives you the flexibility to make your own Roti the way you like it. Simple and fresh ingredients put together with some quintessential complex flavored indian inspired curries or sauces as some may call it.

And that’s why the name “My Roti Place” – because it’s truly “Your Roti Place” – just made the way you like it!

Cuisine(s):Fast Food, Fusion, Healthy, Indian, South Indian

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